Go from surviving to thriving

  • Eat Real Food

    Food is the doorway to feeling better. Dietary changes are hard, let's do it together. We'll focus on healing deeply without sacrifice. Let's keep it simple and fuel your amazing life.

  • Stress, anxiety, hormones

    Hormones directly affect your stressors, mood, energy and relationships everyday. Reduce anxiety by regulating your nervous system. My simple practices will calm your chaos.

  • Create your fulfilled life

    Want to have more fun, more joy and enjoy life with your people? Burning the candle at both ends isn't the answer. Get your life back. Go from triage mode to vibrant life in one month.

Hello, I'm Steph.


Dragging yourself to sleep exhausted.

No Sleep, Wired and tired.

Waking up less refreshed than yesterday.


Feel good in your own skin.




Vibrant life.


Women's bodies are constantly changing throughout our lifetime. 

Bring balance to your hormones, navigate the stage of life you're experiencing and prepare for the next. 

You don't have to live with annoying symptoms, fatigue, frustration and irritation. Is everyone driving you crazy? Yes, that's a sign. 

Your body is screaming at you, stop ignoring the signs. Unlock your healing potential. 

What if it could be easy? What if you could make significant changes in your life with gentle, small shifts, without creating more anxiety and freaking out? 

If you've found me, I bet you're a lot like me:

  • You want to feel good, look radiant
  • ambitious, motivated, determined
  • in charge and good at it
  • manage a lot of things, people, home, kids, parents, work . . .
  • an overachiever, but losing steam
  • want to take better care of yourself, but nothing is working
  • you have the 'don't give a shit' meter

Wellness includes a physical, mental, emotional and hormonal system. 

Get ready to transform and feel better! 

You DESERVE it! 

Each month we'll have a specific theme,

including action steps to bring balance into your life, understanding your body wisdom and getting results to feel your best.

  • JUNE: Belly fat/bloat/digestion 101

  • JULY: Hormones and symptoms

  • AUGUST: Metabolism/detox/fat burning

  • SEPTEMBER: Your body and stress/cortisol

  • OCTOBER: Inflammation/less puff/more energy

  • And many more topics including your nervous system, insomnia, home, connection, aches and pains, clean skin care, time management for you and so much more . . .

BODY WISDOM details: 

  • Let's face it, life is busy and you need help. Taking care of yourself is no easy task and you want to be sure you're going to do this. I'm not going to overload you. There're many conflicting sources of information online. Supplements, pharmaceuticals, magic hormone balancing drinks, weight loss drugs. It all comes back to diet and lifestyle. That's what our focus is here. Your body wisdom, she knows what's best. 
  • We'll focus each month on one concept and we'll apply the three main principles to each: eating well, stressing less and creating your amazing life. These are daily practices you'll slowly incorporate. 
  • We also need each other. Inside we have a private community (no need for Facebook), ask questions, inspire each other, share your wins and challenges. We need to bring more positivity, encouragement, community and celebration into our lives. Otherwise the daily grind just keeps waring us down.
  • You can join for the entire year and commit, you'll save money. You can choose quarterly and still save some money, or you can test it out and join the monthly subscription. Cancel anytime.
  • Each month I'll share the education component, support through nutrition, and you'll have short, stress busting movement and meditations to balance hormones, anxiety and feel better. Life is about daily choices. Let's make them easier. 
  • Finally, you can cancel your membership at any time and you won't be charged the following payment. I'm sorry I do not offer refunds. Make a note in your calendar for the renewal according to when you signed up.  
  • Everything is available to you each month with full access. Joining now guarantees your price never goes up. Jump in!

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Stephanie Mohr

GoWithSteph Founder

Stephanie graduated from the Kripalu school of Ayurveda (Stockbridge, Mass.) in June of 2010 and has a Bachelor of Science from the University of Kansas. She is currently teaching online programs to help you find balance, nourish your body and connect with your people in loving family relationships. Along with raising three beautiful children with her husband and enjoying family life, her goal is to share radiance with you, guide you to live life to the fullest and shine. Stephanie has enjoyed practicing yoga for over 30 years and has had teacher training with Bhavani Maki from Ashtanga yoga Kauai, along with influence from many wonderful teachers. Stephanie grew up in the restaurant business and then enjoyed more than 20 years of her own catering business before making a decision to switch her focus to health in all areas. Realizing the toll stress can take on the body, Stephanie has found Ayurveda answered many questions to living a balanced life. With education, experience in food, exercise and family she is able to help you connect with mind, body and spirit in a modern simple way. Stephanie will help you navigate how to feed yourself and your family with ease, plus healthy tips from holistic health wellness practices.