A Fresh Start

21 Day Spring Reboot - April 19th - May 9th

Welcome to a NOURISH collaboration with KALOS and Bee Organized

We're thrilled to offer a spring time opportunity to transform your wellness with healthy clean eating, strengthening your body, elevating your spirit and simplifying your hive. 

Included in A Fresh Start - 21 Day Reboot:

  • Weekly menu, recipes and how to cooking video
  • Gluten/sugar/dairy free recipes for clean eating
  • Grocery list and weekly prep list
  • "Get Started" exercise to prepare for your Fresh Start goals and 21 days
  • KALOS video on demand for ONE month 
  • Weekly theme to focus and move forward
  • "Live" Workshop with Bee Organized - recording available
  • Spring organizing checklist
  • Daily tips and inspiration for loving change that lasts
  • "Live" weekly zoom sessions
  • Attend the live zoom sessions and enter to win a bonus prize! 

Let's reboot, feel strong, reduce stress, eat well, simplify our lives and breathe more freely in everything we do. We'll show you how.

A Fresh Start will help you . . .

  • clear the chaos and clear your mind
  • create space in your home for wellness
  • improve productivity and get more done with less stress
  • organize and simplify your space
  • strengthen your body
  • elevate your spirit
  • become a more balanced version of yourself
  • have stronger digestion and less bloating
  • have more energy and deeper sleep
  • balance hormones and feel better
  • reduce cravings and enjoy real food

A Fresh Start - 21 Day Spring Reboot online $120

We'll EAT. MOVE. SIMPLIFY. We can't wait for a fresh start together! It's Spring and we're ready to move forward and to feel better. Join us for this amazing journey and discover a new level of health and wellness!

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Ready to Thrive this Spring? A Fresh Start is what you need to reset and renew your body, soul and space. Join us for 21 Days to boost your energy and feel more alive!